How much does it cost?

Pricing Structure


What to do if the School Bus is late or does not arrive?

Our coach companies make every effort to minimise delays, but sometimes these can be out of their control (roadworks / traffic delays).  Please wait at your stop for 10 minutes after the scheduled pick up time.  Whilst waiting, please check the WISF Transport website to see if there are any updates.  If the school bus has still not arrived, please contact the Transport Team on either the main office number (01926 735409) or the emergency Transport number 07810 481529 for guidance.

Travel Status


What happens in the event of a road closure / roadworks?

If we become aware of any planned roadworks, this will be uploaded onto the WISF Transport website straight away.  We will also ensure that you receive a full update via the messaging system, along with any diversions / new stop locations.  However, we know that sometimes unplanned roadworks / emergencies, causes the coach companies to divert from schedule, with little notice.  Again, when we are aware of this we will use the text message system to ensure parents / pupils are kept up to date.

Always ensure that you keep the main school offices up to date with any mobile phone number changes, so that the notification system contacts your most recent numbers.

Travel Status


What about adverse weather conditions?

Snow bus routes are agreed with our coach providers at the start of each academic year and are publicised well in advance on the WISF Transport website.  If the Head Teachers’ make the decision to close any of the schools, this would be communicated to parents via the text messaging system with referral to the main school websites.  It is always a good idea to listen to local radio stations which will also give out detailed information in relation to school closures during bad weather.

If the schools are remaining open, but the snow bus routes are to be used – you will be notified using the text messaging system and updates will be available on the WISF Transport website

Travel Status


How do I get a replacement bus pass if my child has lost his/her pass?

It is a condition of travel that pupils carry their bus pass with them on all journeys.  Failure to do so is a breach of the Terms & Conditions which they must adhere to when using the Service.

If your son/daughter needs a replacement bus pass, please complete the Replacement Bus Pass request form on the WISF Transport website.  There is a charge of £10.00 per replacement pass.

Request a bus pass


How do I pay for my child’s School Bus Service provision?

For 2017-2018 there will be 173 academic days.  The annual cost of the Bus Pass is divided into the 3 terms’ and added to your school fee accounts.  Any discounts that you are entitled to, will be applied at the time of billing and should show when you receive the auto-generated email when your initial booking is confirmed.


We are moving house, what do I need to do?

  1. You must ensure that if you move house, it is essential that you inform the main school offices so that they can make the necessary changes to your child’s records which may be used by the schools in the event of emergency contact.
  2. Log onto the WISF Transport website in the first instance to check if the NEW route can accommodate your request.
  3. Once you have gained this clarification, please edit your booking to the new route on WISF Transport website.


Within the same price banding: if you move address within the same banding, there will be no additional costs involved.  Your son/daughter may require a new bus pass and this will be provided at no extra cost.

New price banding:  if you move address and the price banding changes – our billing system will need to correct your bill at the next appropriate billing session.  Your son/daughter may require a new bus pass and this will be provided at no extra cost.

Edit your booking


Can my child bring a friend home using the School Bus Service?

Bus user ‘friend’ (swapping of routes): YES – as long as 1) BOTH sets of parents send written authorisation to the email 48 hours in advance, and 2) there is space available on the Route.  Costs incurred (where the ‘stop’ is in a higher banding), will be borne by the change requestor and this needs to be clarified prior to acceptance.

Non-bus user ‘friend’: NO - unfortunately, this is not an option we are able to offer as they have not signed up to our Terms & Conditions of travel


Who should my son/daughter contact if they need assistance on the bus?

Each of our bus routes have a number of key people that youngsters can talk to, if they are experiencing difficulties.

  1. Each bus has a Prefect, usually a member of the Sixth Form, who can be approached in the first instance
  2. If your child prefers, they can talk to the driver (only when the bus has come to a stop) who may offer further assistance
  3. Each morning, members of the academic team are available when the buses arrive at the coach park and again, can be approached
  4. Finally, if your child still requires assistance they can approach any member of the WISF Transport Team who will be happy to help


Emergency School Bus Service assistance (exceptional circumstance)

The School Bus Service would always wish to assist non-bus user families if there was an exceptional need and this provision can be discussed in the first instance, with their child’s pastoral team.  This can only be accommodated if there is space on the route at that time.


Lost Property

Please complete the Lost Property Form found on the WISF Transport website which will link directly with the coach provider.  Please allow 24 hours from sending before contacting the coach company directly to make further enquiries.

Lost property form


Exchange Students

We are happy to accommodate Exchange Students within the School Bus Service provision, where space on Routes permits.  This is a bespoke arrangement and we would expect that host families explain the key points of the T&Cs to these visitors, before using the Service.

Please email the Transport team in the first instance as soon as possible (certainly 2 weeks before their visit) via copying in your Pastoral team for clarification (Head of Year etc).  There is no cost for your visitor, but places will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis only.


How do I cancel / give notice, for the School Bus Service?

All passes are annual and will roll-over each academic year onto the next unless cancelled.  If you wish to cancel your son/daughter’s bus provision you will need to give one full term’s notice, electronically by the parent who signed up to the Service.  Please use the WISF Transport website

Make a Cancellation


My son/daughter is in Year 11 and GCSE results may change our booking?

If your son/daughter is currently in Year 11 and is awaiting their examination results (Thursday 24th August 2017); you may not be in a position to clarify your booking with the School Bus Service until you have had any necessary conversations with the senior academic team.  Therefore, if after consultation with the senior academic team it is decided that your son/daughter should continue their education elsewhere, then any monies you have paid up-front and not used, will be refunded to you.


Do the Routes / Stops stay the same each year?

The routes are designed based on previous experience and parent feedback.  We have endeavoured to do all we can to meet known demand, subject to feasibility.  The service is reviewed and refreshed each year and may change in line with pupil numbers and where they live.  Finally, we take into account any issues that may possibly have been experienced that year and learn from them, adjusting if necessary.