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Hopefully our website will answer most of your commonly-asked questions.  If, however, you still experience difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the WISF Transport Team via


We are only able to accept bookings for Annual Passes only for the full academic year 2017-2018, for pupils Year 3 upwards.  This can be cancelled at any time by giving one full term’s notice in writing to  All passes will roll-over each academic year onto the next unless cancelled.

Emergency School Bus Service assistance - The School Bus Service would always wish to assist non-bus user families if there was an exceptional need and this provision can be discussed in the first instance, with their child’s pastoral team.  This can only be accommodated if there is space on the route at that time.

Lost Property

Please complete the Lost Property Form found on this website which will link directly with the coach provider.  Please allow 24 hours from sending before contacting the coach company directly to make further enquiries.

Replacement Bus Pass/Feedback

It is a condition of travel that pupils carry their bus pass with them on all journeys.  Failure to do so is a breach of the Terms & Conditions which they must adhere to when using the Service.

If your son/daughter needs a replacement bus pass, please complete the Replacement Bus Pass request form on this website.  There is a charge of £10.00 per replacement pass.


The WISF School Bus Service has been set up to provide a safe, efficient and professional option for pupils to use with confidence.

Where the Service falls short, we need to know so that we can investigate and learn – thereby improving our Service.  We are always happy to receive such constructive feedback that will be for the benefit of all parties concerned.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact the E&O Resources Manager in the first instance.  Contact details are:  Ms Annie Smith, who will respond as quickly as possible.

If your concern / complaint is of a serious or delicate nature, please use the above contact initially and the E&O Resources Manager will email you personally with a more discreet address to use for confidentiality.


TERMS & CONDITIONS of Travel for Parents & Pupils 2017-2018

1.0 General Terms and Conditions
1.1 Warwick Independent Schools Foundation (WISF) is responsible for setting prices, routes and timetables for the School Bus Service.  The bus providers who deliver the service are contracted in by WISF and are obliged to:
(a) provide vehicles that are sufficient for the number of passengers to be carried, including luggage capacity, and are adequately heated and ventilated and in a clean and tidy condition;
(b) clearly display the correct Route and Destination notices provided by WISF.
1.2 Parents/guardians are asked to liaise only with the WISF Transport Team about the School Bus Service and not with the bus companies direct.
1.3 WISF (including the individual Schools) is responsible for communicating with parents/guardians over any changes to the published routes and timetables and with regard to any emergency situations. 
1.4 WISF may need to provide the bus providers with confidential information about pupils.  The bus providers are obliged by their terms and conditions to treat any such information appropriately and only to pass on to others that which it is strictly necessary to do so.
1.5 Both WISF and the bus providers will have in place appropriate insurances for the School Bus Service provided for pupils.
1.6 Under the terms of the contract between WISF and the bus providers, all drivers will have undergone the same level of safeguarding checks as WISF carries out for its own staff, and will be properly qualified for driving the school buses.  The vehicles used will also be compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements including safety checks.
1.7 Neither WISF nor the bus provider is responsible for, nor accepts liability for:
(a) any loss, damage or injury to a passenger entering or leaving the vehicle or leaving their seat whilst the vehicle is in motion;
(b) the loss or damage of luggage where the bus provider has taken all reasonable care of the items, although insurance is in place to cover any such loss or damage where negligence can be demonstrated;
1.8 The bus providers are asked to take care of lost property and return it to WISF / the pupil (via the bus driver) or the relevant School for return to its rightful owner without charging for the storage or return of the items.
1.9 The bus provider reserves the right to apply a charge towards the costs of cleaning any Vehicle soiled as a result of any passenger consuming alcohol, smoking or using drugs, which WISF understands are strictly prohibited – or if a Vehicle has been damaged by a student.

2.0 Drop off and Pick Up
2.1 It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian (or anyone they have arranged to take their child/ren to the bus stop) to ensure:
(a) that child/ren reach the bus stop safely at least five minutes before the designated bus departure time;
(b) that the child/ren have with them their bus passes (see 3.2 below);
(c) that they are at the designated pick-up point at least five minutes before the designated bus arrival time in order to collect their child/ren from the bus.
2.2 Parents/guardians are responsible for doing all they can to ensure the standard of pupil behaviour at all times matches that which is expected in the school, in particular that pupils:
(a) behave responsibly at drop off/pick up point including respect of other people’s property;
(b) do not approach the bus until it has stopped moving;
(c) do not push or shove others at any time;
(d) stand well back from the kerb whilst waiting for the bus;
(e) do not open or close luggage lockers themselves – only bus drivers may carry out this task;
(f) do not cross the road behind or in front of the bus unless using a designated pedestrian crossing – always wait until the bus has departed and you have a clear view of the road

3.0 Pupil Behaviour on Journeys
3.1 WISF expects all pupils to abide by the same standards of behaviour / conduct, as they do within the Schools various premises.  For further clarification, please ensure you read all School communications in this regard and if necessary, the Expulsion, Removal & Review Policy.
3.2 WISF does not provide supervisors for each journey.  Parents/guardians are expected to support the bus drivers and the Schools in ensuring pupils respect the requirements of them during journeys as laid out below.
3.3 The WISF Transport Team provides pupils with bus passes, which they must present to the driver for checking.  The driver has the right to refuse to carry pupils who do not present their passes.  If for any reason a driver is unable to refuse to carry a pupil without a pass, their details will be passed on to the WISF Transport Team in order to check that they have subscribed to the service and take action if that is not the case.  If a pupil loses his/her bus pass, the charge for a replacement will be £10.00
3.4 During the journeys, pupils are responsible for and expected:
(a) to stay seated and wear their seatbelts at all times during the journey and never to move around the vehicle when it is moving;
(b) never to get on or off the bus before it stops moving;
(c) to have their bus pass available at all times for inspection;
(d) to do as they are asked by the driver;
(e) not to distract the driver;
(f) to respect children of all ages who are using the bus including not to use inappropriate or crude language or to swear;
(g) not to lean out of the windows;
(h) not to throw anything in the vehicle;
(i) not to eat or drink whilst on board.
For ease of references, these “dos and don’ts” are attached to this document on an additional sheet for sharing with pupils.
3.5 Any pupil who fails to meet the above standards of behaviour will be:
(a) referred to the Pastoral Team the first time they are reported for misbehaviour – oral warning;
(b) referred to the Pastoral Team the second time they are reported for misbehaviour – written warning;
(c) barred from using the school bus service the third time they are reported for misbehaviour – Pastoral Team support.
3.6 If a driver is concerned about a pupil’s behaviour, he or she is asked to confiscate the pupil’s bus pass in order to hand it to the School with a brief report of the issue.  The report is then handed over to the academic Pastoral Team in order for the school to be able to identify and speak to the pupil about the incident or behaviour.  The pupil’s pass will be returned the same day if confiscated on the outward journey.  If the pupil’s pass is confiscated on the homeward journey, then the parent is asked to contact the Transport Team on 01926 735409 or in order for us to confirm to the bus driver that the pupil is to be allowed to travel on the bus to School the next day.
3.7 Smoking and the consumption of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden on the School buses, regardless of the legal ages that apply to pupils.  The School’s general policy regarding to smoking, drugs and alcohol will apply to any pupil found with such items, even if they are not consuming them at the time.
3.8 Drivers are asked to ensure the safety of pupils as far as possible, including not asking them to disembark anywhere other than at the Schools or their usual home drop off point.  In the event of very serious situations with pupil behaviour, drivers have the right to seek assistance from the Police, including diverting to travel to the nearest Police Station.

4.0 Incidents
4.1 All drivers will have received instruction and guidance on procedures to be followed in emergency situations e.g. illness, road traffic accidents, breakdown or fire.
4.2 In the event of Vehicle breakdown or accident:
(a) The Driver shall instruct the Pupils to remain in the Vehicle if it is safe to do so and request a replacement Vehicle from the bus provider. The Driver shall notify WISF Transport Team immediately and if appropriate, also contact the Police. 
(b) If it is unsafe for the Pupils to remain in the Vehicle, then the Driver shall ensure Pupils remain together in one group in a safe place off the road.
(c) The Driver will remain with the Vehicle and Pupils unless the Driver has to leave the area in order to communicate with the bus provider, WISF Transport Team or the Police.  In this event, a Pupil aged 16 or above may be left in charge of the Vehicle and Pupils whilst the Driver summons help. 
(d) If the journey has been halted within walking distance of a drop off point or other Pupil destination, the Driver will only allow the pupils to continue on foot if it is safe for him/her to escort the entire group for the remaining distance.  Drivers are expected to be particularly cautious if visibility is poor.
4.3 Where the journey cannot continue in accordance with the Timetable, alternative transport will be arranged.
4.4 In the case of any accident or ‘near miss’, WISF and/or the bus provider will follow all due processes for investigating and recording the incident and any action taken.


When waiting for a School bus or for someone to collect you, please:
• Behave responsibly and respect of other people’s property.
• Do not approach the bus until it has stopped moving.
• Do not push or shove others at any time.
• Stand well back from the kerb whilst waiting for the bus.
• Do not open or close luggage lockers – only bus drivers can do this.
• Do not cross the road behind or in front of the bus unless using a designated pedestrian crossing.
When using the School bus, please:
• Stay seated and wear your seatbelts at all times during the journey and never to move around the vehicle when it is moving.
• Never get on or off the bus before it stops moving.
• Have your bus pass available at all times for inspection.
• Do as you are asked by the driver.
• Do not distract the driver.
• Respect other pupils of all ages who are using the bus including not using inappropriate or crude language or swearing.
• Do not lean out of the windows.
• Do not throw anything in the vehicle.
• Do not eat or drink whilst on board.
Thank you!